Information in English online service is provided by OmniSchool Research and Development Project (funded by the Ministry of Education and Culture Finland, 2011-2015). The mission of the OmniSchool project is to support the agency of learning environment developers within the context of academic research as well as promote and research the idea of “omnipresent” learning. The project is carried out at the Research Unit for Teaching and Learning at the University of Helsinki, Department of Teacher Education. The OmniSchool project creates an interactive network for learning environment developers as well as develops new learning culture and participatory pedagogies that help cross boundaries between the school and surrounding society. online service brings together teachers and learning environment developers and forms an open network of experts with the aim of changing school culture. The online service is part of a service-ecology for which the Omnischool project is responsible for.

The service includes user-driven materials in the form of posts and updates. In addition the service follows and publishes current learning environment discussions online. Furthermore research results and experiences of the OmniSchool project are reported and shared in text and visual formats.

Our service is currently aimed at work on a national level. The OmniSchool project has, however, several international affiliations that contribute to the overall progression of the project’s aims of working together, creatively and learning.

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