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OmniSchool (in Finnish: Koulu Kaikkialla) is a five-year (2011–2015) research and development project funded by the Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture. The project is carried out at the Research Unit for Teaching and Learning at the Department of Teacher Education, University of Helsinki.

Our broader goal is to bridge children’s learning across different settings and promote lifelong learning. The project’s  name, OmniSchool, derives from the idea of “omnipresent learning”, which refers to that fact that learning happens continuously both formally and informally, in physical and virtual environments. We have created research-based models and practices that make use of learners’ knowledge and skills in and across different settings. Thus, we strongly encourage the creation of learning communities and pedagogy based on “omnipresent learning”.

The OmniSchool project carries out the following activities

  • Assembles a network of pedagogical actors, learning contexts, and best practices
  • Enhances cooperation between and within the network of actors
  • Develops a user-centered web-service
  • Offers training and consulting services
  • Studies and develops theory and pedagogy regarding “omnipresent learning”
  • Provides recommendations on curricula based on “omnipresent learning”
  • Acts as a resource for schools, municipalities, cultural institutions, and projects


The OmniSchool research and development project investigates opening learning environments and aims to develop new research-based thinking for the future school.

The OmniSchool project has two main functions:

  • Firstly, the development of theory and pedagogy by conducting research on learning and methodology and,
  • Secondly, the development of a research-based web service (only in Finnish) and network building.

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